Service Wash

Your Bike Will Never Run As Smooth

The winter months can be very wearing on our bikes, from all the rain, mud and salt which is spread across our roads. Keeping your bike clean and running smooth is an essential way of prolonging the life of your components and drive train, also giving you the rider a more pleasurable experience. We have therefore comprised an additional discounted service along side our standard service packages to make life easier for you to keep your bike on the road and in the best shape possible.

Whats Included

Service wash

  • Wash bike
  • Thoroughly Decrease Chain, cassette and components
  • Clean Frame set
  • Clean Wheels
  • Lucubrate all pivots on the bike (Brakes, derailleurs, levers)
  • Dry chain and re-lube correctly
  • Check tyre pressures
  • Check for correct gear indexing
  • Note any advisories

Only £30.00

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