FREE – Core Strengthening and Flexibility Plan

Here at Peterborough Cycle Hub we want to help people achieve their goals easier through understanding the importance of core strength and flexibility.
Before we focus on the characteristics most cyclists believe make them a better rider, we need to look at the fundamentals and their importance in rider development.

The following list details characteristics required in rider development and the order of importance from top to bottom.

  • CARDIO – Get the Pump up to scratch and it will deliver the oxygen your legs are screaming for. 
  • CORE – Strengthen you core to stabilize your pelvis to deliver power better and have more comfort in the saddle.
  • CADENCE – Spin more and push less to go the same speed, winner.
  • FLEXIBILITY – Better posture, less injuries, better aerodynamics, free speed.
  • TECHNIQUE – Develop a smoother pedaling technique to save fuel and have less fatigue .
  • CONDITIONING – Time on the bike to condition your muscles more so you can dish out more hurt to them. Pointless without the above in place.
  • WEIGHT – Loose weight to help your Watts per Kilo go up. Useless without the above in place.
  • POWER – Push harder go faster. Useless without the above in place.
  • BIKE – The sexy bit that makes us smile and go a little bit faster. Useless without the above in place.

Most cyclists would start at the bottom and work their way up the list which will equal the slowest and most expensive way of progression. We will teach you that starting at the top and working down the list with the correct structure, technique and application will result in substantial improvement on a weekly basis.

Focusing on core strength and flexibility these two characteristics allow you to apply the correct technique when riding a bike leading to greater comfort, less injuries, less fatigue, better power transfer and aerodynamics. This will result in greater improvement for the time spent training compared to both increasing power or losing weight combined.

“Power is irrelevant without correct application, core isolation or flexibility. Good riders aren’t any stronger, just more efficient and effective with riding technique.”

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