E Bike Demo Day

On Saturday 3rd August and Saturday 11th August we will be holding E-bike demo days. Times are changing and electric is the way forward. Peterborough Cycle Hub are pleased to assist you in your purchase of your first electric bike offering you our knowledge and expertise to help you pick the right cycle to suit your needs. We are working with two of the market leaders in electric bikes bringing you the latest in power assisted technology.

Saturday 3rd August will be our Orbea Gain demo day, the technology had advance so much that you wouldn’t even know Orbea’s Gain even has a motors upon first glance . The carbon versions are some of the lightest on the market too. Saturday 11th August will be the Merida mountain bike demo day, the e-bikes from Merida brings opportunities to adventure like no other, chance to commute when previously not possible and to experience the outdoors in a way like no other.

So if your interested in finding out what they are all about, want to start getting fit, need an easier commute or trying to keep up with your other half then join us between 9am and 5pm at the shop on either Saturday.